Why Polar Bears Wear Sunglasses

Watching the world change around them, their Home looked different and the Sun seemed brighter. We thought to ourselves :

"How can we make a positive impact to support the climate change revolution?" 

By wearing our Eco Friendly Sunglasses you will not only look Cooler than a Polar Bear Wearing Sunglasses, you will also be planting a vast amount of Trees in Kenya. 

Hang on... but there aren't Polar Bears in Kenya?!

We all Need the same Home, We all Need the same Water,  We all Need the same Air, but there's a problem, it's disappearing faster then we can fix it. 

Which is where the Seedballs come in to action. These tiny, ninja like seedballs are filled with various native Tree species and coated in a Protective Natural Nutrient binding made from recycled Charcoal dust, now that’s really cool. These are distributed across vast areas of conservation land in Kenya to re-forest the land. Ask about our prescrition wood frames.

Protect Your View with Sustainable Style


"Excellent Sunnies! These are just The Business! If you're looking for glasses which are different and superior in every way then these are just perfect. The quality is excellent and the lens are just the best. Give them a try....!!" - Paul  😎


"These new sunnies are wicked. For each pair of sunglasses bought Polar View will donate many handfuls of Seedballs to the Seedballs Kenya project who help support re-forestation. Very cool!" 🌴🌲🌳🍃😎 - Sam

From George Manbiot and Greta Thunberg, Nature Now: