Journey of The Polar Bear

The Journey of the Polar Bear began many years ago, but only now in 2019 had this Polar Bear begin to wake from hibernation. 

Focusing on music for the majority of his young adult life and into his early life as an experienced, slowly maturing Polar Bear, he grew with a respect for nature and determination to learn and fine tune his fishing skills for maximum effect but with minimum effort. Watching the world change, animals change and humans change, something was changing that this Polar Bear didn't expect. The sun seemed brighter. The view seemed different.

Now trained and ready to take on the next challenge, something was preventing this Polar Bear from keeping up with the other Polar Bears. It was an illness, none that had ever crossed the mind before now. Half of this Polar Bears body was slowing down which meant he was walking a little wobbly so kept dropping the fish that he had caught. He needed to see Dr Polar Bear for some medicine. This meant that the Polar Bear could continue playing music but now wanted to do something else, something that would help not only the Polar Bears illness, but help other Polar Bears as well regardless of their health condition.

While thinking about it for some time, why not help other animals, and the plants, and the lakes and rivers, we are all connected and parts of the connection are breaking, so let's fix it, now that was a challenge.

Polar Bears shouldn't need sunglasses, but when they go out dancing, they prefer to wear ones that are made of natural and sustainable materials.

When they go out, trend setting like a boss, they like to wear their favourite T-Shirts.

Polar View i Wear was born. 

Original Polar Bear T-Shirts - Organic cotton!

Wooden Sun Glasses - Bamboo, Walnut, Zebra, plus more!

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