Polar View i Wear started donating to Seedballs Kenya in the Summer of 2019. Seedballs Kenya aims to provide a forest regeneration solution to the worlds deforestation problem which is not only super efficient but super easy to distribute.

When you purchase any item from Polar View i Wear you will automatically be contributing to help re-forest the planet. 


Seed-Balling - Throw and Grow

Seed bombing or in some cases, aerial reforestation, is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping Seedballs. Very efficient indeed.


A Seedball is a seed inside of a ball of charcoal dust mixed with some nutritious binders which help grow in the early stages of life, like a cosy blanket of super nutritious food. Seedballs Kenya are focusing on helping reduce the costs of planting various trees and other useful indigenous plant species in Kenya.


The unique biochar coating of the ball helps protect the seed from becoming a quick snack for birds, rodents and insects. It also protects the seed from the hot temperatures until the dense clouds are ready to soak the lands with rain! 


This rain will get soaked up by the Seedballs until full and proceed to keep the seed in a near perfect environment for germination. Then, Boom! A Tree is Born. 

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